Valley Schools

What is the case?

  1. In the last 2 months, 27 schools, most of them government-run, have been set afire so far in the Kashmir Valley.
  2. There have been no casualties as schools have been closed for almost four months in Kashmir amid unrest after the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani was killed by security forces in July
  3. The government has blamed separatists and the separatists are blaming the administration for its failure to protect the schools.
  4. The High Court has taken “suo moto cognizance” or acted on its own and ordered the state government to take preventive measures.
  5. Children have not been to school for last four months.
  6. This is not the first incident where education was attacked. Few months ago NIT Srinagar was also under jihadist attacks.

Who is behind this and Why?

  1. The separatists are to be blamed by all the reasonable accounts.
  2. For them if children go to schools, they learn the constitution, citizenship, harmony, technology, mutual respect, history, culture and values, and then the extremists won’t be able to brainwash and use them for their own vested interests.
  3. Separatists’ own children study outside, mostly abroad, only children of locals are made to suffer with illiteracy, unemployment, poverty and perpetual impoverishment and use that misery and resentment against India and for selfish interests.
  4. Idea is, burn schools, cut the supply of modern education, send them to alternate learning centres, in-doctrine them in the radical teachings and convince them of some sort of ‘Jannat’ on taking people lives and then bake own political breads on the pyre of innocents.
  5. For the separatists, If local children study, Who would throw stones at the Army personnels?
  6. Who could be incited to attack Army bunkers?
  7. Who would face pellets on their face while coward separatists and terrorist would stand behind the shield of these innocent children?
  8. Who would lose their eyes and life?
  9. And on the name of whom, the money and support would be asked from across the border?
  10. On whose name, lame duck, Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif would raise the issues at the UN?
  11. Hurriyat in Arabic means emancipation but separatists don’t know the fact that ‘Education is the biggest emancipator and liberator’.
  12. The call is to be taken by Kashimiri brothers and sisters and not to be trapped in these separatist selfish net.
  13. The real freedom is not political, but from the ignorance, poverty and perpetual suffering.
  14. Listen to your conscience, the whole nation stands with you!