Why in news?

  1. The Jammu and Kashmir government has banned big fat weddings in the State by limiting number of guests to be invited and number of dishes to be cooked at marriage functions.
  2. As per the new rules, the maximum number of guests that can be invited for marriage of daughter, including baraat, is 500 while guests to be invited for son’s marriage has been restricted at 400. The guest list for small functions such as engagements cannot exceed 100.
  3. Having taken a strong note of wastage of food during weddings, the government has also restricted number of dishes to 7. The total number of non-vegetarian or vegetarian dishes to be cooked in such functions should be restricted to a maximum of 7 each and only 2 stalls of sweets and fruits or ice-cream can be set up.
  4. Besides the restrictions on the food and the guests, there shall be a complete ban on use of big generator set, high pitch sound amplifiers, loud speakers, bursting of crackers in social as well as government functions.
  5. Not only this, the order bans any sweet, dry fruit packets to be sent along with invitation cards to relatives, friends, guests, invitees etc.
  6. A similar bill has been making headlines in the past few days. The Bill was introduced by politician Pappu Yadav’s wife and Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan demanding that those spending above Rs 5 lakh on a wedding must contribute towards weddings of poor girls.
  7. For rich Indians, it is a matter of pride and satisfaction to spend extravagantly during marriages and India is replete with such examples.
  8. Few months ago, a mining baron and former Karnataka minister, who is an accused in several money laundering and illegal mining cases, has spent a whopping Rs 500 crore on his daughter’s wedding.
  9. As per a local newspaper estimate, 30,000 guests participated in the wedding, with 1500 rooms in 5 star hotels booked to accommodate them, while 2000 cabs ferried them to the venue and back. 15 helipads had also been set up to fly-in VIP guests.
  10. Few years ago, a steel baron from UK had spent 640 crores on his daughter’s wedding, unfortunately the marriage ended with a divorce only a couple of months later!
  11. Had the amount of money spent (read wasted) ensured a blissful marital life, everyone would have done their best, but alas! this is not the case. Rather extravagance is a serious disease.

The real problem

  1. The Rich-Fat-Big wedding culture in India is really the symptom of a larger problem — unbridled consumerism and shallow, materialistic aspirations sweeping across the country.
  2. The culture of pre wedding shoots, Destination weddings, Designer Lehangas and Sherwaanis, Baraat by helicopters, costly gifts etc. take a heavy toll on the pocket of both the parties. But that’s not the problem as rich already want to flaunt their wealth by spending on them as much as they can.
  3. The real problem is the burden on a middle class bride by the groom side or others to imitate or replicate the same so that they can boast of it in their circles.
  4. The imitation of absurd marriage ideas of the rich by the middle and poor classes of the society is one of the reasons of adverse sex ratios in the country. When the marriage of daughter becomes so costly, who would want to have a daughter?
  5. Battery of dishes, desserts, and what not, flood the plates of rich having already filled tummies, resulting in colossal wastage of the most precious thing in India, the food!hunger
  6. The crackers and lights cause unwanted irritation to everyone, even to them who is not a party to all this celebration and the environment pollution is an additional loss.
  7. Few over-enthusiastic ones dance on the street while hundred are stranded on the roads due to traffic jams.
  8. If bull taming sport Jallikattu is cruelty to animals, did anyone think of that poor Mare (Ghodi) carrying the donkey amid the whole hullabaloo? Is that not cruelty?
  9. Big fat weddings are, in nutshell, a curse on the middle class family, a mockery of the poor of the country, an avoidable damage to the environment and a medium to use ill gotten or black money.
  10. Needless to say that it should be regulated like as J&K government has tried. But it is also the duty of the citizens to curb this menace.
  11. Marriages are not made memorable by the amount of money spent on that day, but by the amount of lives changed on the day you plan to start a new life!
  12. Recall your marriages and let us know where-all the unnecessary expenses could have been curbed. The bachelors plan judiciously!