Muslim women wearing niqab face veils

  1. The reforms in the personal laws, specially muslim personal laws are needed for ensuring justice and equality and the need is on multiple fronts.
  2. Constitutional Need : Polygamy, Triple talaq etc practices keep woman at the mercy of her man. Abrupt and ‘Online’ talaq is a grave injustice to them. It violates their right to equality enshrined in the constitution.
  3. Religious Need : The Holy Quran talks of gender equality and therefore these practices are unislamic. And even is the practice is based on religious interpretations then why Islamic countries like Pakistan, Turkey etc have banned them.
  4. Ethical and moral need : Women should be treated with respect and equality. If the practice is not banned, then respectable sisters and daughters of the supporters of this medieval practice may face the same.
  5. Sensible need : India follows a common criminal law then what is the problem in following a common civil law in the issues of divorce, marriage and maintenance which ensures the right of the women. No sharia comes in Criminal law then why bring sharia in civil laws. Adoption of sharia whenever it suits one is highly illogical.
  6. Need is the mother of invention. Thus its the time to invent an era where the medieval period practices are shed and Women equality is ushered.