ops and sasikala

  1. After since Tamilnadu’s former Chief Minister has died, the state is in a state of constant turbulence.
  2. Amma sudden demise has left the people of the state in a emotional trauma. And before they could recover, it was hit with the fury of the nature, cyclone vardah in December 2016.
  3. It was again a testing time when the state had to face the moments of turbulence, though of different in nature.
  4. Then came Pongal in January 2017 and people were expecting a moment of joy and celebration which was curtailed by Supreme court order on it’s famous sport Jallikattu.
  5. With supreme court banning the sport, the people found an encroachment on their cultural rights and the city of Chennai saw a massive yet peaceful protest in favour of Jallikattu. Both centre and the state governments had to budge on the popular demand and the things passed peacefully.
  6. One hoped that things are settling in Tamilnadu and normalcy would be restored but the current political battle between the incumbent CM OPS and AIADMK general secretary Sasikala is taking curious turns each passing day.
  7. With majority of MLAs siding with Sasikala, the people of TN who voted for Amma are feeling cheated.
  8. Jayalalitha did not appoint Sasikala even as a caretaker CM when she was either jailed or hospitalized, so there is not any sense to chose Sasikala as the CM in Jayalalitha’s absence now. Further she has no administrative experience to run state at such helm.
  9. Moreover, OPS, the incumbent CM had the trust of Amma and he was made CM whenever Jayalalitha had to relinquish the seat. He is also said to have enough experience required for the job.
  10. Forcing OPS to resign and parachuting Chinnamma is like disrespecting the choice and will of Amma and the people of Tamilnadu.
  11. Soon the Supreme court would give it’s verdict on a case filed against Amma, Chinnamma and others involving amassing disproportionate assets.
  12. If Sasikala is convicted, the seat goes to OPS, even if she is not, then it is expected that the people would convey the same in the elections.
  13. Thus state of the state is in constant turbulence indeed. First emotional after Amma’s death, then Natural due to cyclone, then Political due to resignation of OPS as AIADMK general secretary and now Constitutional, as the governor has no clue what to do the next!