Modi with Nitish

  1. The opposition has rolled up its sleeves against Modi on demonetization and are demanding roll back of the decision.
  2. Mamata Banerjee is to hit Delhi streets on Tuesday against the move as she is most concerned with the middle class and the workers who are hit by this massive drive. She is even ready to align with any political party to counter Modi.
  3. But she seems to have forgotten about the plight of the same workers and the middle class when Saradha chit fund scam had cheated millions of people in her state.
  4. Her ally Arvind Kejriwal is coming up with bizarre accusations. As per him, since after demonetization, e-wallet companies like Paytm are making money, Modi must be having personal interests in them and therefore must declare his relations with such companies.
  5. Earlier Kejriwal had asked Modi to come clean on his relations with Ambanis, Adanis etc. It seems that PM modi has a collusion with every other company which benefits from any of the government policy.
  6. By this logic, Housing for all scheme would benefit Modi personally from real estate companies, and by launching Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Modi must be getting benefits from Broom companies, which is Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)  symbol. It means Modi is promoting AAP !
  7. In their blind pursuit against Modi, opposition is getting foolishly blind!
  8. Rest others in the opposition still in shock and seems to have no words to say in favor or against.
  9. Mulayam is hit hard and so is Mayawati.
  10. They are in dilemma as how to fight the upcoming elections in UP which has been so far based on money power.
  11. Mayawati has even returned the money collected from ticket seekers as a price for tickets. They are now asked to distribute the money in the farmers so that they could be deposited in the banks and withdrawn later during polls.
  12. Despite opposition from all the sides, PM Modi has found support from an old friend turned foe, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.
  13. He has been supportive of Modi moves and also supports the next move towards curbing benami transactions and benami properties.
  14. It seems that Nitish had enough of Lalu and learnt the lessons of working with Lalu and his extended family in the Bihar cabinet.
  15. If the movie Jungle Raj returns gets released in Bihar, the producer Nitish would be hit badly in future. The old JD(U) – BJP coalition seems to be coming in Bihar!
  16. With Nitish’s moves toward Modi, the opposition comprising of Mamata, Kejriwal, Lalu, Mulayam etc are set to lose an important ally.
  17. The government on its hand is trying all to pacify people. Pro Government messages are spreading like a wildfire praising Modi.
  18. But the grievance of people remains that the big fishes are left away and common man is punished.
  19. To counter this claim CBI has secured non-bailable warrant against Vijay Mallya and moved his extradition request. If approved, UK would hand him over to India.
  20. It seems the king of good times has a bad time ahead and Modi would have a tough time to fight the United brewed opposition!