1. Self proclaimed political leaders of tiny and irrelevant parties direct that every producer that casts a Pakistani actor has to pay ‘Penance’ of some crores to the Army fund.
  2. More surprisingly, the Government of the state ‘respects’ their patriotism and agrees on its price too, set by the goons!
  3. Extortion in the name of patriotism is highly condemnable and more disturbing is the ‘hand in gloves’ approach of the State with the goons.
  4. All this is nothing but belittling the valor and sacrifice of the army as well as politicizing the whole great institution which is as strong as far it remains away from the limelight
  5. Thankfully the Army denies accepting a ‘donation’ out of force. Since they perform their duty out of commitment, so any contribution should also be given with the same feeling.
  6. But why does the state government chooses to give too much importance to unimportant ones?
  7. Answer : the search of an alternative partner is on the way.
  8. The present coalition partner is an ‘Achilles Heel’ for the government who never misses an opportunity to embarrass the party in power.
  9. CM hopes to play one brother against another and get a political mileage.
  10. Politics is all right but destroying the prestigious institutions on one’s way to political victory is highly detrimental for the neutrality of the forces and is thus suicidal.
  11. An highly ambitious and Politicized Army lives next in our neighborhood Pakistan. The result of which is known to everyone.
  12. Remember, the strength of a Nation depends upon the health of its Institutions. Protect institutions, Save Nation.

Jai Hind!