Economy Highlights for the year 2016 (3/4)

From Soil Health Card to make farmers aware of their soil quality, PM Gram Sichai Yojana for provide for irrigation facilities and National Agriculture Electronic Market to link the various mandis across the country electronically so that produce could be sold widely.

Economy Highlights for the year 2016 (2/4)

The first ever policy for Capital Goods sector with a objective of increasing production of capital goods from Rs 2,30,000 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 7,50,000 crore in 2025 and raising direct and indirect employment from the current 8.4 million to 30 million.

Economy Highlights for the year 2016 (1/4)

India needs an environment for the intellectual property rights protection so that research is promoted and hard work is respected. Read about the IPR policy and many other issues covered here in the first batch of 5 among the total of 20 articles.

Gender Wage Gap report released by ILO

Traditionally women participation in the workforce have been restricted in various societies, as a result of which, their participation in the work and the wage earned have also been affected.

Daily News Summary (DNS) for December 23

The president is supposed to act on the aid and advice of council of ministers, therefore, AAP has been accusing Jung to be acting on behalf of the BJP against it in fulfilling the mandate given to the CM by the people of Delhi.

Syrian Civil War : Part 3 – Consequences

In the power struggle between the two, it is the million of Syrians who are either killed or displaced and their large scale displacement has led to the refugee problem in the western countries.

Syrian Civil War : Part 1 – Where does it begin from?

The Syrian protests have now turned out to be a full fledge war, while both the parties, on the international stage, are projecting themselves as mediators and as someone who is a part of a possible diplomatic solution.