Is Pakistan serious ?

Pakistan’s dare against Saeed is indeed late but yet praiseworthy. It is evident that the government would face oppositions from many radical terrorist groups on this move, but the real test before the Pakistani establishment is hold it’s position on the move and not sway away under pressure.

ISRO knocks a 100, not out!

The satellites were launched by ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) in a single mission. PSLV-C37 carrying the 104 satellites lifted off from the first launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota at 9.28 am on its 39th mission.

Tamilnadu after Amma

Thus state of the state is in constant turbulence indeed. First emotional after Amma’s death, then Natural due to cyclone, then Political due to resignation of OPS as AIADMK general secretary and now Constitutional, as the governor has no clue what to do the next!

Budget 2017-18 : Housing (5/n)

At present, the houses which are unoccupied after getting completion certificates, this rule only after one year of the end of the year in which completion certificate is received so that they get some breathing time for liquidating their inventory.

Budget 2017-18 : MSMEs (4/n)

However, the tax breaks is still only available on the profits made by startups for three years. Notably, this tax sop is only available to those startups which are recognised by the DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion).

Budget 2017-18 : Agriculture Analysis (3/n)

Government will set up mini labs in Krishi Vigyan Kendras for soil testing. This would help farmers to check the quality of their soil and help them to fix the nutrient issues before the sowing. Further, it would also reduce mindless use of nitrogenous fertilizers. Saving both farmers pocket and soil.

Budget 2017-18 : Budget Basic Series (2/n)

After the Demands for Grants are voted by the Lok Sabha, the Parliament’s approval for the withdrawal from the Consolidated Fund of the amounts so voted and of the amount required to meet the expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund is sought through the Appropriation Bill.

India-UAE : West looks East, both look forward

This move would also help to bind India with other Islamic countries in the region, strengthening India’s secular credentials and also help in isolating Pakistan and counter it’s terror activities.

National Education Policy : Issues and Solutions

India must have a comprehensive review of its education system, including the Primary, Secondary and the Higher education as the strength of the nation depends on the quality of its citizens.

Jallikattu : All Issues involved

With Jallikattu, the other areas of debate emerge, such as whether Uniform civil code (UCC), snatching the old practices of minorities, and a uniform code can be imposed or not.