Clinton Vs Trump


  1. The 2016 US presidential elections are to be held in less than a week later on November 8, 2016 to elect its 45th President.
  2. Republican Party nominee Businessman Donald Trump and Democratic Party nominee former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton are in the race for the Oval house, oval being the shape of US president’s office.
  3. World over it is most closely watched and widely speculated election to see as to who wins the most coveted job of the POTUS (President Of The US).

Trump vs Clinton

  1. Trump is a person with wide business experience, knows how to create jobs which USA needs the most as of now, is a supporter for greater freedom to enterprises and a great negotiator which may help USA in international deals.
  2. His non political background is also his strength as he speaks his mind openly and staunchly even to the alienated workers, thus connecting a large population.
  3. His confidence and powerful personality also add to his strength.
  4. But, on other hand, he is facing severe criticisms and accusations of being misogynist, due to his sexual misconducts, being racist, abrasive, an anti immigrant, also promised to build a wall across US-Mexico border to check the same and due to his Islamophobic overtones. His loss is a straightway Clinton’s gain.
  5. However Hillary Clinton has her own series of misses.
  6. On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for 30,322 emails and email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State. The leaks may reveal some financial impropriety on the part of Hillary. FBI is investing the email leak episode.
  7. Belonging to democratic party, she also carries on herself a baggage of Obama’s failures e.g. in checking ISIS menace, failure to contain Taliban in Afghanistan , Chinese rise in the South China sea and severe economic crisis of 2008. Hillary so far could not show any vision to the voters as to how she plans to address these issues. On the other hand, Trump says that he has a secret plan to decimate ISIS but he won’t reveal it!!
  8. Her health is also a concern for the voters as they want strong and stable president.
  9. Instead of all this, she has a wide experience in Politics and Administration, if elected she would be the first female US President and the recent accusations against and misadventures by Trump are infact brightening her chances.
  10. As per a recent data, 87% latino, 80-90 % black americans, 70 % women voters and a majority of US muslim community have negative views about Trump. Trump’s extremist views have also put 40% of liberal voters towards Clinton.
  11. As per the New York Times, Clinton has 88 % chances of winning the elections.
  12. Most of the independent surveys point a close chase for Presidency with 47.8 % voters for Clinton and 41.9 % for Trump.
  13. In all cases the chances of Clinton leading Trump are more than 99%!
  14. Whosoever wins, all India wants is greater India-US ties irrespective the person in power.
  15. Lets see ‘Iss Baar Kiski Sarkaar’ !