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  1. The anti government protest in Syria turned out to be a full blown proxy war between the countries such as USA and Saudi Arabia on one side and Russia and Iran on the other side.
  2. Russian interference that it entered an armed conflict outside the borders of the former Soviet Union has been seen for the first time since the end of the Cold War .
  3. But why does Russia support Assad when Syrians only are protesting against him?russia syria
  4. During the Cold War (1947–1991), Syria was an ally of the Soviet Union in opposition to the Western powers, and both the countries shared a strong political bond.
  5. Syria had also received about $294 million from the Soviet Union for military and economic assistance in that period.
  6. In the present times it is the Geopolitics and the shared concerns on terrorism that brought Russia towards Assad government.
  7. The Russian naval facility in Tartus in Syria is Russia’s only naval facility in the Mediterranean region and only remaining military facility outside the former USSR.
  8. Analysts see the position of the naval facility in Tartus as a chief motivating factor for Russia to speak out in favor of the Assad government.tartus
  9. Moreover since mid 2013, Russian separatists such as Chechen and volunteers have been fighting in the Syrian Civil War against the government of Bashar al-Assad.
  10. As of September 2015, an estimated 2,500 Russian nationals were fighting alongside Islamic State and Moscow was concerned that such fighters would be returning to Russia after having picked up militant contacts in Syria and would be dangerous to the interests of Russia so it is better to fight them in Syria only.
  11. Therefore it was in Russian interests to fight along with Syrian government. Russia took bold steps towards the same as well.
  12. Since October 2011, Russia, being a permanent member of the UN Security Council (UNSC) have repeatedly vetoed on the western sponsored draft resolutions in the UNSC that were designed to impose U.N. sanctions against Assad government and to demanding his resignation.
  13. USA had it’s own interests to support the rebels in the civil war. But USA moved slowly in imposing the sanctions so that the motives are not in syria
  14. First, limited sanctions against the Assad government were imposed by the U.S. in April 2011.
  15. Later in 2013, at the direction of U.S. President Barack Obama, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was put in charge of the operations and about $1 billion (aprox 6700 crore rupees) was annually was sanctioned to arm anti-government forces in Syria
  16. Prior to 2013, the CIA only supplied the apparently moderate rebels of the Free Syrian Army with non-lethal aid, but later began providing training, cash, and intelligence to selected rebel commanders.
  17. U.S. President Obama announced that his intention was to bomb IS targets in Syria and asked US Congress to authorize a program to train and arm rebels who were fighting the IS and the Syrian forces of Bashar al-Assad who was accused to be attacking the innocent protesters.
  18. But in reality the reasons for US involvement in Syria were 1) the old hostility against the Syrian government who has been a Soviet ally, 2) the fall of Syrian empire would have weakened  the Iranian regime who is Assad ally and 3) US and Saudi friendship where as the Iranian and Syrians are the Saudi’s biggest enemies.putin assad khamenei
  19. It’s unfortunate that the big superpowers who hold the UNSC permanent seat and are responsible for the maintenance of world peace and security are leading to such situations of massive conflict just to ensure that their interests are served.
  20. This power struggle between the two conflicting interests costed Syrians their life, peace and prosperity.
  21. The impacts however are not limited to Syrian only. The west will have to pay a price.
  22. Read the next post on this Price that the World in general and the west in particular, including Russia will have to pay!