modi in eu

  1. PM Narendra Modi on Saturday 24 June departed for his three-nation tour visit to Portugal, United States and The Netherlands.
  2. The Prime Minister on his to visit Portugal, will meet with country’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa.
  3. Costa was the Chief Guest on 14th Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas held in Bengaluru in January 2017. He was born in Lisbon in 1961 and has several relatives at Margao in Goa, India. Goa has been a Portuguese colony till 1961.
  4. The two nations are expected to work towards increasing bilateral ties in several areas including economy, science and technology, space and counter-terrorism apart from deepening bilateral trade and investment ties.
  5. Thereafter PM is expected to leave to US on Trump’s invitation. Trade, investment, H1B visa issue, counter terrorism, climate change  and aggressive China are the major areas of discussion.
  6. After his two-day visit to US, PM Modi is scheduled to head to The Netherlands. The two nations will mark the 70 years of their diplomatic relations.
  7. These two nations will have a discussion on global issues including counter-terrorism and climate change. India has a lot to learn from Netherlands, a country with HDI and other indicators of Human and economic development.
  8. Europe is India’s big market. During global recession, the exports have slowed down which are expected to pick with ongoing recovery. Free trade agreement with European nations is also being negotiated which if materializes would boost India’s export.
  9. Why Netherlands?
  10. 20% of India’s $ 45 billion trade with the EU passes through the Netherlands. After Brexit, there is a good possibility that the Netherlands can possibly emerge as an alternative hub of Indian exports and capital in Europe.
  11. Moreover, post 2020, the developed countries need to adhere to Paris principles and $100 billion fund to mitigate climate change is expected to be operational. But the backtrack by USA on Paris principles has jeopardized the whole plan and voluntary commitment to avoid climate change.
  12. In a scene of substantial climate change, India is expected to be a bigger victim therefore India’s role to mitigate the effects are also higher. Therefore India needs other partners, preferably from rich European nations and the ones who take these issues seriously.
  13. Melt of Arctic and antarctic ice would liberate the methane in permafrost regions, triggering massive warming and threatening flora and fauna across the already threatened world.
  14. Deeper association with European nations like Portugal have one added advantage. Passion for soccer may be imported in a country whose cricket is religion whose gods are decided on the basis of number of fours and sixes hit!