One China Policy

  1. US President elect Donald Trump has questioned the continuation of One China policy if Beijing refuses to make any concessions to USA on trade.
  2. What is One China Policy?
  3. It is a diplomatic acknowledgement of the position that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is a part of that China.
  4. Under the policy, the US would have formal ties only with Mainland China rather than the island of Taiwan separately.
  5. Taiwan is seen by China as a breakaway province which is to be reunified with the mainland one day.
  6. One China Policy has been a crucial part of the foundation of US China relations since ties between the two countries were reestablished by Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong in 1972.
  7. But the new president elect is now questioning the old understanding and not agreeing on One China policy unless China provides some trade bargains to USA.
  8. This change is because USA has been both politically and economically hurt by Chinese Policies as discusses below.
  9. Chinese has been devaluing it’s currency Reniminbi which has been hurting USA’s exports.
  10. Chinese government has been clandestinely supporting North Korea who is aggressively developing Nuclear weapons and threatening USA and it’s ally South Korea and ultimately disrupting the peace of the Korean peninsula.
  11. China is taxing heavy at it’s borders which is making USA goods’ entry difficult in China even when USA doesn’t tax Chinese goods at it’s borders and most importantly,
  12. China is building a massive fortress like infrastructure in the middle of the South China Sea and USA ally Japan is at loggerheads with China due to the conflicting claims on the islands in the region.
  13. Further, USA can’t tolerate Chinese hegemony in the region which may ultimately lead to an Unipolar world with China at its centre.
  14. USA’s patience seem to have crossed limits and impatient Trump is in no mood to make concessions to China or follow Obama’s Chinese Policy.
  15. Trump had also accused Obama to be too mild to Chinese expansionist policies in South China Sea.
  16. Trump decision to take the phone call to Taiwan earlier this month was a break from US diplomatic tradition and prompted a formal protest from Beijing.
  17. No US president or president elect has spoken directly to a Taiwanese leader since 1979 before Trump.
  18. Where does India Stand in between all this?
  19. Read the next post, ‘Indian interests between USA and China conflict’. To be published tomorrow.