1. US President elect Donald Trump has named Nikki Haley as the US ambassador to the United Nations.
  2. Haley as the UN ambassador would be charged with representing the US on the UN Security Council (UNSC) and play a role in negotiating agreements with other nations.
  3. Trump’s recommendation is yet to be approved by US senate, which is like ‘Parliament’s upper house or Rajya sabha’ approval.
  4. If confirmed by the Senate, Haley would be the first Indian-American to ever serve in a Cabinet position to any US Presidential administration.
  5. As an Indian-American woman, she would also add ethnic and gender diversity to the US administration and also at the UN.
  6. Haley made history in 2010 when she was elected the first female governor of South Carolina. She was then a Tea Party backed candidate.
  7. Interestingly she has criticised Trump throughout the Republican nomination campaign and in October, she said she would vote for him, but was “not a trump fan.”
  8. One of the the area where both Trump and Haley had consensus was the concern about the security due to Syrian refugees resettled in her state South Carolina.
  9. She is the daughter of Indian immigrants, thus has an Indian connection and therefore there are fair chances of deeper Indo-US cooperation in the future.
  10. She can better differentiate India and address its challenges in the South Asian region due to countries like Pakistan and China.
  11. The Indian voices against terrorism at the UN would be stronger and so would be India’s pitch for permanent UNSC seat.
  12. Israel is the first one to welcome her nomination for the post. She is a Israel supporter and so is India. Hope this triangular US-India-Israel series strengthens the relations. Last week Israeli President was on India tour to celebrate 25 years of India-Israel relations.
  13. She favours free markets and global trade and perhaps this is the aspect where she might face a situation of conflict with India. India needs to protect its domestic markets specially the weaker sectors from cheap US exports.
  14. India-US relations are getting stronger and both countries should show maturity to address the contentious issues.
  15. Haley’s nomination is both, a proud and inspiration moment for India.
  16. It should inspire Indian women to participate more in the Indian Politics and it is also needed that PM Modi’s call for ‘Beti Bacho, Beti Padhao’ is taken with utmost seriousness so more and more women are educated and empowered.
  17. Hope India’s minister for external affairs Sushma Swaraj and Nikki Haley enjoy ‘Makke di roti, sarson da saag’ together at the UN as they both share Punjabi roots!