Israel Palestine Conflict

  1. Palestine has been an Arab land where predominantly Arabic speaking people lived.
  2. In 1948, this land was fragmented to establish a Jewish state called Israel. Arabs resisted this move and thus the conflict started.
  3. But why Israel was created?
  4. During world war 2, Germany’s Hitler had murdered 6 million Jews in his concentration camps.
  5. After the war ended and Germany was defeated, Pro-Jew sentiment swept the world and the demand for a separate Jewish State also became stronger.
  6. Jerusalem, which is the Holy place for Islam, Christianity and Judaism (the Religion of Jews) was chosen to establish Israel.
  7. As Israel was formed, it started consolidation its land and power with the support of USA which put it in direct confrontation with Arabs and violence erupted which continues till this date.
  8. USA doesn’t even consider Palestine as a country till today!
  9. India – Palestine relations date back to Independence movement and mostly on cultural grounds the relation is being maintained.
  10. Where as, India – Israel formal diplomatic relations started only in 1992 and in the last 25 years it has been strengthened on the basis of mutual cooperation based on issues like Agriculture, Defense and Anti terror cooperation.
  11. India has been leaning towards Israel to jointly address the global challenges that have emerged and therefore Palestine should not feel that India is some kind of Bewafa like Sonam!