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  1. Indian government in the year 2005 adopted a policy to actively engage the countries in the gulf region such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar etc. to safeguard India’s interests such as Energy security, Safety of Indians living in the region, anti terror cooperation etc.
  2. This policy was called India’s Look West Policy.
  3. After 11 years, in early 2017, a major country of the region, UAE is signalling it’s own Look East Policy, which means that the gulf may be contemplating to actively engage the countries in it’s eastern sides such as India.
  4. In this pursuit, UAE’s crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has accepted to be the chief guest at India’s 68th Republic day parade.
  5. To boost their strategic ties, India and the UAE , on January 26 signed more than a dozen pacts in the key areas like defence, security, trade and energy apart from a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement.
  6. The bilateral trade between the two nations stands at $50 billion, ranks third after India’s trade with China and USA. UAE is also India’s second largest export destination with exports of $30 billion(2015-16). With the recent agreements, the figures would shoot up further.
  7. The gulf is home to approximately 7 million Indians and UAE’s 30% population is Indian, though not given citizenship of the country! The remittances received by India from Indians in UAE runs into billions of dollars.
  8. Oil being the very obvious area of cooperation, the other major area is  anti terror cooperation. The crown prince has also recognized terrorism as a major threat to the peace and security of the region, a stand India has been vocal about since decades.
  9. India-UAE relationship has a strategic and secular angle as well. Strong partnership between a Hindu majority India and Muslim majority UAE, snatches the position of Pakistan as a bridge between Gulf and south Asia and now the baton is held by India. India now is a representative of South Asia before the Gulf countries.
  10. This move would also help to bind India with other Islamic countries in the region, strengthening India’s secular credentials and also help in isolating Pakistan and counter it’s terror activities.
  11. On this Republic day, the West looks east, who have been looking west since 2005. Now the time has come for both, the East and the West to look forward.

bur khalifa

Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest tower is illuminated with the glory and radiance of Indian tricolor, though a symbolic gesture, but gives 125 crore Indians anywhere in the world a moment of great pride.