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  1. After Trump has questioned USA adherence to One China Policy, more tensions are set to brew between USA and China.
  2. The two countries already have disagreements on an array of issues related to trade, Chinese expansion in south china sea and it’s support to North Korea.
  3. USA on its part is working on its Pivot to Asia policy to contain china through its old allies like Japan and making new ones like India in the Asia Pacific region.
  4. Pivot to Asia policy is an US attempt to make Asia – an axis (pivot) to achieve its major geopolitical ambitions.
  5. In this pursuit, USA is closely cooperating with India on a number of issues, ranging from military and defense, anti terrorism, nuclear energy and trade.
  6. India on it’s part, also needs to address it’s concerns like Chinese intrusion at the borders, Chinese undue support to Pakistan and it’s opposition to India’s membership at various groups like Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).
  7. India needs to extract all possible benefits from all the sides and for the same it has to cooperate with USA and also make efforts to contain china and its expansionist policies which threaten India’s sovereignty and disturbs regional peace.
  8. Towards the same, various Indo-USA agreements such as India – USA agreement on logistics sharing (LEMOA), proposed India – USA agreement to co produce Javelin missiles, $ 81 million agreement to supply 22 harpoon missile systems to India, and the US proposal to sell M777 ultra-light howitzers to India worth over $700 million (aprox. Rs. 5000 crores) have been undertaken or are in the pipeline.
  9. India is also approaching other countries in the Chinese neighborhood such as Vietnam in the South China sea and Mongolia in the North to deepen strategic ties which would be helpful towards balancing Chinese powers.
  10. Recently India’s promised $1 billion aid to Mongolia which has been seen and openly criticized by China as a bribe to Mongolia!
  11. On November 19, 2016, the Dalai Lama arrived in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolian capital city) for a five-day a religious event called by the Mongolian government. dalai lama
  12. China has lamented Mongolia for organizing the event as it sees Dalai lama as a threat to its occupation on Tibet. The trip can be seen as the latest move in the geopolitical chess game surrounding China.
  13. Thus china seems to be encircled from various sides such as India in its south west, Mongolia in its north, Japan in its east and Vietnam and USA in its South East.
  14. Trump also share great deal of rapport with Russian President Putin as well which further adds to Chinese worries.
  15. With such geopolitics in play around China, where does China find a solace? In Pakistan or North Korea?
  16. The answer is India’s neighbours like Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, other Central Asian and African countries.
  17. China is planning a cargo transport service to Nepal and has also provided 15 billion Nepali rupees (1.4 billion $) of economic aid to Nepal for reconstruction post its earthquake.china nepal railway
  18. Strength of China – Pakistan relations are already well known and documented. But this Balance of Power (BoP) tactics doesn’t seem to go long in the path of mutual prosperity for the regions and countries involved.
  19. Either it be India – USA or China – Pakistan, in the long run, Both neighbors India and China need to work together to address the mistrust between them and work in close cooperation for bilateral and regional peace and prosperity and understand the fact that countries like USA are like migratory birds which land somewhere only for food and therefore can’t be trusted.