indo china relationship

  1. After constant denial to India the membership of Nuclear Supplier’s Group (NSG), China does a U-turn.
  2. China is now ready to talk India’s NSG membership after denying the same in NSG meet in Seoul.
  3. However China held its earlier stand on India’s bid for UN ban on terrorist Masood Azhar.
  4. India had earlier given visa to Dolkun Isa, whom China considers an insurgent which antagonized it more.
  5. However India did its own share of U-turn and cancelled the visa given earlier.
  6. India perhaps wanted to give a message to the neighbor that We are no less than you, not even in doing U-turn!
  7. On a serious note, the reversal of the decision may be due to convey the Chinese the message that strong steps may be taken but India wants peaceful relations.
  8. Its to be seen what they do when they meet during BRICS summit in Goa.