1. Pakistan harbors terrorism which is accepted by everyone in the world except Pakistan and its ally China.
  2. China itself is a victim of insurgency in its northwestern region Xingxiang by Uighur insurgents but still supports Pakistan. why?
  3. Geo-politically Pakistan is China’s shorter route to Arabian sea through its Gwadar port.
  4. Through the port, China finds easier and faster access to the untapped resources and the markets of Africa.
  5. Without Pakistan’s support Chinese project China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) would not have been conceived which serves two purposes for China.
  6. One, Bring development in troubled Chinese Xingjiang region
  7. Two, Boost up Chinese economy and exports.
  8. Not banning Masood Azhar at UN may be like buying peace with terrorists for ensuring safety of the project.
  9. By keeping the issue of Pakistan sponsored terrorism hanging, China may also find negotiating edge with India regarding its intrusion in JnK and Arunachal Pradesh. India may not rise these issues untill issue of terrorism is resolved.
  10. Pakistan also serves as a market for Chinese arms and ammunitions.
  11. However China should be mindful of the fact that Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), a Uighur separatist group, from the Afghan border had earlier received Taliban support.
  12. Supporting Pakistan would mean support to Taliban and indirectly to TIP, which means endangering its own peace in the northwestern Xingjiang province.
  13. The bigger fear is nuclear arms landing in the hands of jihadists on which Pakistan has no control.

Rest is China’s call !