Riding on the Modi tsunami, BJP made a clean sweep in Uttar Pradesh with more than 300 seats out of 403 in BJP’s kitty. All other parties are almost decimated.
The results signify many other things apart from the  change in the government, which is very obvious.
Major takeaways from results of UP elections :
  1. Voters are no more emotional fools. They know what is good for them but they won’t tell whom they have voted for!
  2. They don’t accept Dynasty politics anymore. Mulayam’s Bahu Aparna Yadav has also been defeated.
  3. Minority card is not working anymore. Muslims in large number have voted for BJP. India is One!
  4. Development agenda has taken a front seat in the elections. Backwards classes, Minorities too want development and have voted for change.
  5. Criminals have no place in the legislatures. The parties like SP, BSP etc. who have been patronizing criminals have been decimated.
  6. BJP would have stronger position at the upper house (Rajya sabha), hence the pending bills would be passed swiftly. Action against Black money would become stronger.
  7. The BJP agenda for Uniform civil code may see the light of the day. This would make India more united, position of women stronger and development faster.
  8. Demonetization may have impacted the Indian economy, but not Indian Politics.  Modi wave continues since 2014.
  9. The impact goes to other states as well. Nitish Kumar in Bihar may contemplate a ‘Ghar Wapsi’ and may ally with BJP again.
  10. With BJP position stronger in India, Pakistan’s position weakens. More surgical strikes may follow. Anti National activities would be dealt with an iron hand under the name of massive public support. JNU may be shut down!!
  11. Congress needs a reboot at the top. There is serious question mark on the capabilities of Rahul Gandhi and if he is still saved, party is lost. The morale of opposition would be at its lowest.
  12. The road to Parliament for BJP again in 2019 is clear!