1. After the Great Indian economic shock, US citizens gave their share of Political shock to the world, elected Donald Trump as their 45th US President.
  2. Trump has both sensible and terrible views on various issues that impact the world and its relations with other countries.
  3. Since the Political and economic climate seems to be changing, lets start the analysis with the Issues like Climate change and Global warming.
  4. Trump called global warming a Chinese hoax and said that he wants to scrap all the major regulations that the President Obama put in place to reduce US carbon dioxide emissions
  5. Trump has said he wants to pull the USA out of the Paris climate deal.
  6. There’s nothing stopping him. (Technically, the US can’t officially withdraw for four years, but for all practical purposes, the Trump administration could ignore it.)
  7. On the US relations with other countries, The Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said he’s ready to work with Mr. Trump. But what he says does not matter, what Trump says matter more and Trump is against the immigration from Mexico and has plans to build along US-Mexico border to check the same.
  8. He also plans to deport 11 million such undocumented immigrants.
  9. Trump has a hawkish trade policy of ‘America first’ and he has plans to renegotiate all foreign trade deals which will affect trade treaties US has undertaken.
  10. Treat Trans Atlantic Trade deal (TTIP) and NAFTA dead for all practical purposes.
  11. On India, Trump terms H1B visa programme as ‘unfair’, and his stated purpose is to end the programme.
  12. With Trump win, Indian IT stocks and IT companies like TCS and Infosys are to be the first victims of this policy
  13. Trump’s promise to reduce the US corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% could result in companies like Ford, GM and Microsoft rushing back to the US.
  14. This rush of US firms will hit Modi’s Make in India push.
  15. Although Trump wants to put stricter immigration rules, he also says he wants to woo Indian entrepreneurs and students to the US.
  16. Trump blames cheap Chinese products for robbing American workers of jobs because domestic companies can’t sell enough goods. He wants to fix this by applying tariffs to foreign imports to the U.S
  17. Trump criticised China throughout his campaign, described it as one of the US’s top adversaries. That could make for an advantage to India.
  18. He said he would label China a currency manipulator and impose heavy tariffs if China didn’t agree to rewrite trade agreements.
  19. On China’s ‘langotia’ friend Pakistan, he labelled Pakistan as semi-stable and a safe haven for terrorist. Thus echoing Indian stand. This would help to put sanctions on Pakistan.
  20. USA however always had a double speak on Pakistan so it is to be seen as to how much the financial aid to Pakistan declines.
  21. Trump has already shown a tough stand on Islam and the biggest fear of Islamic world has now come true.
  22. However peaceful and progressive people need not fear.
  23. He is going to butcher ISIS, for sure.
  24. Most interestingly, USA’s biggest ‘enemy’ Russians are Trump supporters!
  25. Russian President Putin had openly supported Trump during elections.
  26. Both countries are expected to cooperate on multiple issues.
  27. Russia may see the sanctions imposed on it lifted e.g. suspended from G8 or European sanctions due to Russian Ukrainian misadventure may go.
  28. Syrian problem is expected to get solved as the major conflicting parties were these two super powers who now are willing to work together.
  29. November is indeed a month of shocks.
  30. Delhiites got an environmental shock, Indians got an economic shock, Americans got a Political shock and Trump to give China-Pakistan an electric Shock!
  31. Have a shocking day ahead as you wont be respected for having a 500/1000 note, but for a 100 one !