india pakistan

  1. Pakistan shares many relations with India. Geographically she is India’s neighbor, popularly she is India’s foe, hopefully she should be India’s friend, and genetically she is India’s kid! Remember movie Gadar?
  2. In recent memories everyone sensible finds Pakistan as the country creating only troubles like terrorism, insurgency, separatism, narcotics trade etc. for India and in the neighborhood region. And there have been voices from across the world to dismantle, destroy and discard this rogue country. People also dream about how beautiful and peaceful the South Asia would become, if there is no Pakistan!
  3. But the whole of the country isn’t that rogue. Many Pakistanis are as beautiful, peaceful and sensible as that of Indians. We share similar culture, food, religion, practices, beliefs and many more. Still there is an inherent discomfort across the world and India about Pakistan.
  4. In between all this, we often forget the benefits of having a country like Pakistan in our neighborhood. So it would be interesting to find the other face of the coin.
  5. Pakistan is one of the biggest binding force that binds millions of Indians together irrespective of their religion, belief or practice.india pak match
  6. Let’s start with a game of cricket. No Indian derives as much pleasure and happiness in anything than India beating Pakistan. One may have bitter fights with their neighbors, friends, brothers or anyone, but once Indian team scores a victory, everyone behaves as one, the fight evaporates and the celebration condenses!
  7. It’s because of Pakistan that now cricket is not just a sport for Indians, it have transformed into a passion, match winning is a matter of pride and watching Pakistanis breaking their TVs is a moment of eternal pleasure!
  8. Political parties in India are generally poles apart. One party would at no cost support the other’s policies even if it benefits everyone and there is hardly any unison in any decision. Parliament therefore generally serves as a battle field with fragmented forces fighting each other. But whenever the issue of Pakistan crops up, Parliament metamorphoses as as a unified body with hardly any dissent voice to be seen.
  9. Congress, Left, SP, BSP, TMC, AAP etc who otherwise are highly critical of BJP, are also seen to be with the government on the issue relating to Pakistan. Shashi Tharoor, a congress MP is said to have helped Sushma Swaraj’s in drafting a resolution against Pakistan on the issue of Kulbhushan Jadhav, a former Navy officer under Pakistani custody alleged to be an Indian spy by Pakistan. Tharoor may have BJP aspirations, but that’s a different thing.
  10. The whole Parliament is seen to be united in doing all it can to free the man under Pakistani custody. Similar was the response when free Sarabjit campaign was run. Lawmakers spoke in unison against the neighbor.
  11. Terrorism is one of the biggest threats India today faces. The focus of this trouble lies in Pakistan. All Indians are one in condemning the cowardly act of terrorists mostly based in Pakistan in an unified voice and demand stern action against her.
  12. Indians are also together whenever the sovereignty of India is questioned or threatened by Pakistan in Kashmir. There is wholehearted support to the army men foiling Pakistani moves and restoring peace in the valley.
  13. Imagine, had there been no Pakistan, what adhesives would Indians have to bind themselves at various moments.
  14. With no Pakistan there would be no passion in cricket, no unison in parliament and no pan India sentiment binding the nation together.
  15. Pakistan does have international benefits too. It does not only bind Indians, but also many like minded countries to Indian values and together these countries form a strong bloc at the world forum.
  16. When India boycotted the last SAARC summit, almost all other members like Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan etc. stood behind India. As a result of being Pakistan, the role of villain shifts to her and rest all other countries behave as one! Thus India gets an additional support.
  17. On a serious note, the troubles being caused due to such hostile neighbor is far more than the benefits being mentioned. It is sincerely desired that Pakistan understands what it has made her self and the south asian region. The focus is not to isolate a country in general but the one creating troubles for others with a message to her to learn or loose.