Narendra Modi

  1. Not surgical but a Colossal strike on tax evasion and large black money generation, as most of the money will have to be routed through organized banking structure.
  2. The corrupt public servants’ ‘Ache din’ gone. It now becomes difficult to accept and conceal the ‘gaddi’ of 100 and 50! It a definitely a Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan for such people!
  3. Fake Indian currency notes (FICN) circulation and terror funding to be checked significantly. Thus its a next surgical strike on ‘Economic Terrorism’ by Pakistan.
  4. Property prices would come down as it was due to the investment of black money in the properties which kept its demand and prices high. Time for a new home!
  5. Supari for Kidnapping, Killing would reduce. Kidnappers and Contract killers can’t ask for a Cheque or Paytm payment mode. Dawood no longer useful to Pakistan.
  6. No suapri, only Vijepi (BJP) paan masala… Daane daane mein Modi ka Dum!
  7. In the elections season, Modi’s hard decision to affect ‘Mulayam’ type political parties.
  8. Prashant Kishore would be hired, not to make elections strategies but to advice how to use hidden money in the upcoming elections. A step towards clean politics.
  9. More money availability before the banks to facilitate easy loans for the poor, farmers, women and the budding entrepreneurs.
  10. Industrial growth to get a boost, employment generation and narrowing down of fiscal deficit.
  11. Cash on delivery mode to be reduced for ecommerce transactions. Install Paytm app etc asap.
  12. Dhobi, doodh wala, Maids may ask for online transfer! Get ready for instant internet, than instant cash!
  13. Markets reacted as Sensex opened 1,689 points lower on and Nifty crashed 520 points.
  14. Rupee nosedived 23 paise against US dollar to 66.85.
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