Prime Minister Modi greets former Israeli President Shimon

  1. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is on a six-day visit to India.
  2. Rivlin is the first Israeli head of state to visit India in the nearly 20 years.
  3. The last Israeli President to visit India was in January 1997.
  4. India – Israel started their diplomatic relations in 1992 when Embassies were opened and full diplomatic relations were established.
  5. Thus Rivlin’s visit marks the celebration of 25 years of formal diplomatic ties with Israel.
  6. Prime Minister Modi’s Israel visit is possibly set for the next year.
  7. Since the upgradation of relations in 1992, defence and agriculture have been the main pillars of bilateral engagement.
  8. In recent years, ties have expanded to areas such as science and technology, education and homeland security.
  9. Agriculture cooperation however has emerged as a key focus area for the two countries.
  10. Israeli drip irrigation technologies and products are now widely used in India, saving a lot of water and increasing production.
  11. Both countries are also working together in the fields of water conservation, innovation and more.
  12. Rivlin is expected to visit Chandigarh and Karnal as part of his plan to highlight agri-cooperation between the two nations.
  13. The two are working to provide the next generations the food security.
  14. Israel is also one of the biggest defence suppliers to India which enhances India’s capabilities.
  15. The visiting President has pledged full support to India in fighting terrorism as well.
  16. But it is really amusing. Who is stronger? All the countries together or a handful of terrorists?
  17. During the state visits, conferences etc. all of the countries Pledge to end terror but that terrible commitment ends before a coordinated action starts.
  18. Complaints arise when expectations exist.
  19. Israel has been India’s one of the most valuable friend and therefore expectations are high.
  20. Lets hope, the new world order comprising of India-USA-Israel-Japan wakes up together to make terrorism sleep forever!