1. With the strike of midnight of November 8, the Indian men and women got in a hustle as to what now and how to treat their unaccounted money.
  2. The ones with small amount rushed to the banks and braved the serpentine queues before they find their money being demonetized.
  3. But how would the big fishes get their crores get it deposited, more so when there is tax and 200% penalty on the unaccounted income above a deposit of 2.5 lakh?
  4. In the rush to save their hard earned and harder saved money, it is found that the bydefault innovative and jugadi Indians have discovered many money whitening processes.
  5. CAs, Jewellers, People with Agricultural Land, Builders, and various other professionals like doctors, lawyers, teachers have been busy in converting people’s money for a share and the government is busy running after them.
  6. If you have an agricultural land, show money as agricultural income which is tax free, if not, get help from someone who has such land.
  7. Consult CAs, they would demand 20-30 commission on the money being converted and show it as a bogus loan entry, open a pre dated charity or trust and donate the money over there, show it as a gift from relatives on marriages, birthday and its too much for IT authorities to expect you to remember who all gave you this money and when.
  8.  Smurfing, which means deposit small amounts  upto 2.5 lakh in various accounts, but this is available immediately only if you have used Jan Dhan Yojana to the maximum, got all your family members and house staff an account opened.
  9. People are making big bucks and if caught by the government while indulging in such money laundering activities, they are made ‘black bucks’!
  10. In between of all this, there are small people too, who got an opportunity of their lifetime to make it big, in a small time.
  11. They are the photocopiers, samosa, tea stall walas next to the bank and ATMs.
  12. People standing for the whole day would need something to keep themselves charged up and blame the government on their Chai pe charcha, Fokat ka kharcha!
  13. ATM guards have lost their leisure time and privacy. Be it any time of the day, people keep the ATM space clogged up and peep inside to check if its working even if they are passing by!
  14. In this wedding season pandits at the mandap perhaps would be the lot who is hit the most. The Dakshina wont exceed Rupees 100 at one time and its too much to expect as anyone would give them the brand new Rupees 2000.
  15. Its like water water every where, but not a drop to drink!