India Russia Summit

  1. India – Russia defense deals are its efforts towards Russian reapproachment mainly after Rafale Deals with France and as a result Russia was found cozying up with Pakistan.
  2. With a type of logistics sharing agreement (LEMOA) with USA, Indo-Russia relations might have suffered in the long run if Russia would not have been approached.
  3. Russia would be supplying the next nuclear powered submarine to India, the partners are jointly developing the fifth generation fighter aircraft, missiles etc. shows India is not just a buyer rather a partner in Russian defense industry.
  4. The peace in the region (South Asia and Central Asia) depends upon Indo-Russian cooperation and they have to cooperate through bilateral and multilateral platforms like Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).
  5. With sanctions on Iran being lifted up, the trade between the countries would bring them together, so its better to start with defence first.
  6. Both sides signed 16 deals including S-400 missile systems to counter airborne threats. It can detect all airborne targets at a range upto 400 km.
  7. Kamov 226T helicopters to be jointly developed. It would help India achieve objectives of ‘Make in India’.
  8. With Russia’s bitter rival US’s Trump reapproachment towards it, it is really interesting to watch how the these superpowers of the bipolar world conduct themselves in this multipolar world.
  9. Whatever they do, Make for India First, Make in India first and buy Made in India first!