1. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated by devotees of Lord Hanuman across the world to commemorate his birthday which falls on the 15th day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra.
  2. Every year, the full moon day of the Chaitra month is celebrated as his birthday. It is also believed that this year on April 11, 2017 when Hanuman Jayanti is being celebrated, the planetary and the celestial combination is exactly the same as it was during Hanuman birthday centuries ago in Tretayuga.
  3. Lord Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama is known for his unflinching devotion and selfless service towards his master.
  4. Hanuman is also the symbol of strength and energy. After Rama’s brother Laxmana was injured fatally and could only be cured by Sanjeevani, a magic herb found in the foothills of Himalayas, Hanuman rushed to find the herb, but after he was unable to distinguish between many similar looking herbs, he carried the whole mountain back with himself.hanuman ji
  5. He is also said to have travelled across the Palk strait without any rest, found Sita, and thereafter he fought and defeated many demons. There he was captured by Ravana’s son Indrajit but by Hanuman’s own will in order to respect Lord Brahma’s ‘Brahmastra’ fired upon Hanuman by Indrajit.
  6. But he could do all this after he was made aware of his powers which were lying dormant within him due to a curse given to him.
  7. What lesson can a government derive from the qualities of Lord Hanuman?
  8. The first and the foremost is the utmost devotion to their work and a sense of selfless service towards the electorates who have elected them with all the trust and hope. Like Rama was the master of  Hanuman, Public is also the master of politicians. Therefore sense of service should prevail.
  9. Then comes the awareness of powers government possesses that it can do any thing if there is a political will. Be it eliminating deep rooted corruption, alleviate historically prevalent poverty, bringing reforms in backward religious practices despite serious opposition or ushering tax reforms, it is very true that where there is a political will, there is a socially beneficial and economically fruitful way to the solutions of the problems!
  10. Like Hanuman protects the Bhakts, the government must be there for the weak, the distressed, the marginalized and the old citizens of the country and that too the service has to be very prompt.
  11. Further, like hanuman killed demons of Lanka but helped Vibhisana who also was an ardent follower of Rama, Government must also punish the ones who choses the wrong path and breaks the law but also reward the good ones. Therefore honest tax payers should be rewarded and not punished with abrupt demonetization where they can’t even withdraw their own money!
  12. Hanuman was committed to the well being of Laxmana, so the whole mountain was carried and brought before the doctor to avoid delay in his treatment.  Likewise, Government should provide abundant funds and powers to the state government and the local bodies so that people needs are met quickly and closely without any delay.
  13. PM Modi has also said that lawmakers must work like Lord Hanuman and not wait for instructions to carry the government’s work to the people. They should rather keep working selflessly, honestly and tirelessly for the people.
  14. Lord Hanuman is also worshipped to counter the malefic effects of planet Saturn or Shani. Shani, if benefic is also the planet for riches but if malefic may bring disasters to one’s life. Who is like Shani in a country like India?
  15. The over population is the Shani and the demographic disaster is it’s malefic effect. Governments have to take corrective steps to reap benefits of populations explosion which has already occurred and ensure that it’s impacts are reduced. If the people are educated, employed and empowered, this explosion would help India reap demographic dividend but if this population is untamed, uneducated and unemployed, then unrest, crimes and chaos would prevail.
  16. Lastly Hanuman is also known as a ghost repellent. Who is a ghost? A unseen energy who is usually known to be creating troubles in one’s life. In a person’s life, it is the neighbors, the relatives, the parental expectations and the pressure to perform at each stage of life, which acts like a continuous haunting ghost, but unfortunately government can’t do much about it!
  17. So take refuge in the god you worship. Jai Hanuman!