Dear Pakistanis,

  1. At the outset, on behalf of all like minded Indians, wish you a very happy Deepawali, a festival of light, which means its the time to shed darkness of ignorance.
  2. This pious occasion has been chosen to convey a message of peace, tranquility and brotherhood across the two great countries across the iconic river Indus.
  3. Got to know the attack on Police academy in Quetta where your police personnels were killed in the hands of coward terrorists, which you call bad terrorists or bad Taliban e.g Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. However there are no good and bad terrorists. They all are just worse, cowards and a threat to the humanity
  4. This gruesome killing reminds of December 2014 attack on Peshawar’s Army School where innocent children were killed.
  5. Indian heart bleeds for all incidents of terror where innocents are killed as India’s core value lies in the teaching of Buddha and Gandhi which are Peace and Non violence.
  6. India herself is a victim of such attacks such as on Mumbai, Pathankot or the latest Uri where Indian bravehearts were martyred.
  7. Without a doubt, any one can say that these originated from your soil, not saying that you did it, however a Pakistani state complicity cannot be denied because the level of training, arms and ammunitions used can’t be possessed without the state support.
  8. Moreover the confessions of arrested ones like David Headley proves Pakistani state supported terrorism in India.
  9. Pakistani army also denied the presence of Osama bin Laden there which was later found and killed by US Navy seals. So none in the world would buy the arguments of Pakistani innocence on terrorism.
  10. On the other hand, some incompetent Pakistani Politicians and Generals accuse Indian Agencies for all the troubles in Pakistan.
  11. It is very amusing that, what benefits a superpower like India with the 5th strongest military, the fastest growing economy and the brightest spot on the world map would get to create problems in Pakistan which is already rumbling under Political instability, high levels of Corruption, huge poverty, and on the verge of international isolation?
  12. Rather, India is a country who gives the prosperity, peace and stability of her neighbors the prime importance and is ready for a collective fight against all the mutual the problems in the south Asia region.
  13. Let us tell you that blaming India for all ills is all a creation of your incompetent Pakistani politicians and Generals who are trying to shift your focus on India and hide away their corrupt practices and incompetence.
  14. Time has come to shed this ignorance, hold your leaders accountable and move towards a path of mutual prosperity.
  15. Trust me, for the sake of peace and mutual benefit, If you take a step forward, India would take four; If u walk towards peace,India would run and Hug you but with a caution as Indian remembers the breach of Trust in Kargil !
  16. We are looking west, You should also look East.
  17. Happy Govardhan! (look on the internet, what it means)