1. On November 22, 2016, the PM asked people to log onto his app (Narendra Modi App) to take a survey of 10 questions.
  2. The survey was meant to measure people’s response on his demonetization move.
  3. The results have been declared on Wednesday, the next day by PM himself on his twitter account.
  4. The results convey the obvious for which survey was not actually required and hide the bigger issues.
  5. As per the survey, 98 % agree that Black money exists. Its worth meeting those 2% who believe that it does not!
  6. 99% believe that the evil of corruption has to be fought and eliminated. People would like to salute to the special 1% who doesn’t feel the same!
  7. 90% say that government demonetization move to tackle black money was brilliant. Now here is a catch. No one denied the move, but people are actually questioning the way in which it was executed without adequate currency notes and infrastructure.
  8. Similarly as per the survey, 92% believe that the move was brilliant against corruption. Here too, the same remark as of point 7 is valid.
  9. 90 % support the move to ban old 500 and 1000 notes. Again, old notes could still be banned if new 500 are being printed.
  10. Moreover printing the big 2000 notes is like jackpot for the corrupt as with a stroke one gets a big amount! If bigger denominations caused corruption, then why print 2000 ones?
  11. 92% believe that the move will have impact on corruption and terrorism. With such questions, people would wonder why the survey was actually done when all the answers were known to everyone.
  12. 66% agree completely and 27% agree partially on the fact that demonetization would bring real estate, Healthcare etc in the reach of a common man. If coupled with a stringent action on Benami transactions, one can agree on this. But as far as present time is concerned, people are actually facing problems in accessing the same.
  13. Now comes the most important result.
  14. When asked about minding the inconvenience in this drive, 43% said they don’t mind at all where as 48% said, somewhat yes, but the pain was worth it!
  15. The aspect missing here is those 91% (43+48) who don’t mind the inconvenience are actually the ones with bank accounts, net banking and e-wallet facilities to pay for their bills and also the ones who had a smart phone to download the app and fill the questionnaire.
  16. The ones missing from here are the poor, farmers, tribals, rural women, old and destitute who are without the above mentioned facilities and whose cash was rendered useless in a single stroke and so were their savings.
  17. Survey by no way represents the country totally as it is based on 5 lakh responses so far, however PM does have people support which has been proved by the results of the bypolls published yesterday.
  18. The disagreement is not on demonetization but the lack of preparedness and haste in which it was undertaken causing genuine problems to the people with little or no banking facilities or the ones with little knowledge as to why their money is not being accepted suddenly.
  19. Hope one is not branded as a traitor for questioning the results of the survey because questioning government’s each move is the fundamental duty of every citizen otherwise even the democratic ones behave like dictators!