1. Its the time to forge new alliances and discard the old dysfunctional ones keeping in mind the emerging regional needs and challenges.
  2. SAARC is 31 but due to lacks maturity of an adult because of Pakistan’s expertise and consistent performance in manufacturing jihadis and exporting terrorism.
  3. BIMSTEC has members including India’s friend Myanmar and Thailand and the prospects of better relations are huge specially after peaceful democratic transition in Myanmar.
  4. India’s challenges in Northeastern states like Insurgency, drug trafficking and lack of development can be addressed through BIMSTEC collective efforts.
  5. Abandoning SAARC is no loss, as all the respectable members of SAARC members are a part of BIMSTEC and Afghanistan-India, Maldives-India relations can be strengthened bilaterally as well. There is considerable trust and understanding between them.
  6. Keeping Pakistan away would mean allowing sensible and purposeful talks during meets, specially after recent Home Ministers’ meet in Islamabad.
  7. BIMSTEC would be instrumental in isolating Pakistan in the South Asian and South East Asian region.
  8. India’s approach to BIMSTEC is in line with the government’s Act East Policy as well.
  9. PM Modi parachuted in Thailand to pay his last respects to Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej, while enroute to Japan on November 10, 2016 shows government’s seriousness in really Acting towards the East.
  10. SAARC’s loss is clearly BIMSTEC’s gain and Pakistan’s pain!