private cabsl

Why a sudden rise?

  1. Inadequate public transport facilities to the desired routes.
  2. Even if they are, lack of last mile connectivity e.g it takes a long to even reach to metro station in Delhi. Where as Cabs provide last mile connectivity.
  3. Ease and comfort, including cleanliness, which lacks in the public transport system.
  4. Rise of income and decline in the prices of cab services making them affordable. Increased competition, GPS backed shorter routes and Car pooling have helped cut costs. The fares are almost comparable to the auto.
  5. Public transport is overcrowded which the one who can avoid would avoid.


  1. Roads get congested and traffic problems.
  2. Environment pollution due to more emissions.
  3. Decline in the people’s habit to use the public transport which is required to make cities smart, less congested and pollution free.
  4. Waste of government resources and low revenue generation.
  5. Public transport may be more safe for single women as it is crowded, where as there have been cases of misbehavior and sexual assaults in the cabs during late hours when women are alone on a lonely route.
  6. The need is to make public transport more accessible, safe, clean and timely so that people switch to it.