national education policy

Some Data

  1. Between 2010-14, after the implementation of RTE act, the number of public schools have increased by 13,500 but the enrollment in these have declined by 1.13 crores.
  2. Enrollment in private schools, on the other hand, have increased by 1.85 crores.
  3. Low learning levels in the public schools is a widely known fact and need not to be further elaborated to embarrass the system.

Reasons for these

  1. High Teacher absence rate  in the classes of atleast 25%, and it is found that even if the teacher is present in the school, they don’t attend the classes.
  2. The teachers are supported by powerful and political unions, as a result, they are involved in political activism and neglect their main duty and due to MLA/MLC support, actions are not taken.
  3. Low paid teachers are not motivated enough to deliver.
  4. The inefficient, obsolete teachers’ selection and appointment mechanism in which neither competent are selected nor properly trained thereafter. The cases of corruption in the selection process has also been surfaced and a former CM is also in jail for a similar offence.

Proposed Solutions

  1. Instead of funding the school as a whole, funding must be given per student, and that too as a voucher to the parents.
  2. If the parents are not satisfied with the levels of learning, they can withdraw their ward from the school and pay the voucher to the new school. This ensures accountability of the school and the teachers.
  3. Bar the entry of teachers as MLC (in the states having the Legislative council), and as this is mandated in the constitution(Article 171 3(c)) which guarantees the teachers’ representation in the state legislatures, a constitutional amendment would be required.
  4. For this the publicly paid teachers may be recognized to be holding office of profit. This will curtail the culture of political activism in the teachers and focus on academics would increase.
  5. Reduce, if not completely eliminate the number of teachers manning the polling booths during the elections.
  6. In the upcoming UP elections, the state teachers would be given the task of manning the  booths and the primary activity of teaching would be suspended.
  7. India must have a comprehensive review of its education system, including the Primary, Secondary and the Higher education as the strength of the nation depends on the quality of its citizens.