Imports jump 10.4% and exports 2.29%

export import

  1. The country’s trade deficit has ballooned to $13 billion in November  which is the highest since $13.08 billion in July 2015.
  2. The trade deficit has widened due to increase in gold demand leading to imports of gold in the month of November after demonetization. The trade deficit in November 2015 was $10.47 billion.
  3. For the third consecutive month, exports recorded a positive growth of 2.29 per cent year on year to $20 billion in november.
  4. Trade deficit is the deficit when imports surpass the exports.

The SC finds BCCI president guilty of contempt of court

supreme court

  1. Contempt of Court is the offence of being disobedient to or disrespectful towards a court of law.
  2. The Supreme Court has said that it has found BCCI president Anurag Thakur guilty of contempt of court and is liable to face criminal prosecution for perjury.
  3. Anurag Thakur is accused of obstructing reforms in BCCI as proposed by Lodha panel.

Discipline above religion

  1. SC has ruled that muslim armed force personnel cannot keep  beards by citing religious grounds.
  2. The court emphasized the need to maintain discipline in the armed forces.
  3. Moreover court observed that all muslims don’t sport beard and keeping beard is not universally recognized in Islam.

Ministry of Home Affairs cancels Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) licences of 7 more NGOs


  1. In the last few months FCRA licences of many NGOs such as hardline preacher Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research foundation was cancelled after declaring it as a terror outfit.
  2. In 2013, an Intelligence Bureau report had cited that many NGOs are engaged in anti India activities and foreign funds are being reveived to hamper development activities in the country.

SC orders the closure of liquor shops along all highways

liquor shops

  1. The liquor shops along the highways is one on the major reasons for the road accidents in the country. Nearly 1.5 lakh deaths occur every year due to road accidents.
  2. Prohibition of sale of liquor is also an constitutional obligation of the states.
  3. The court has also asked the government to desist in issuing excise licenses.
  4. The year 2016 has been bad for breweries companies as earlier Bihar banned it, later demonetization affected it’s sale and  now the SC order would impact state’s revenue as well.
  5. Meanwhile the Gujarat government has forwarded the governor an ordinance to tighten the prohibition in the state.

UK becomes the first country to approve Three parent babies(TPB)

three parent baby

  1. TPB is actually an embryo containing healthy mitochondria from the donor and nuclear DNA from the baby’s biological mother and father.
  2. Babies born using the technique would receive a tiny amount of DNA from a third woman in addition to genetic information from its mother and father.
  3. Three parent baby prevents babies from inheriting lethal genetic diseases from their mother.
  4. It could help prevent a wide range of potentially fatal genetic conditions affecting vital organs, muscles, vision, growth and mental ability.



  1. US intelligence officials believe that Russia has been instrumental in Trump’s victory and Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in hacking during the American election campaign as part of a vendetta against Hillary Clinton.
  2. L K Advani feel like resigning after the continuous stalemate in the parliament and believes that it brings a bad name to the house.