Rajya Sabha has passed the Right of persons with disabilities bill, 2014


  1. The bill  expands the list of disabilities from 7 to 21.
  2. The quantum of reservation has also been increased from 3% to 4%.
  3. The passage of bill also gives effect to the united nations convention on the rights of person with disabilities bill.
  4. It recognizes that persons with psychological and intellectual disabilities have a right to education and employment.
  5. It also provides for imprisonment ranging from 6 months to 2 years along with a fine for discriminating against differently abled persons.

Hindus are the best educated of religious groups across North America and Europe.temples in usa

  1. Across North America and Europe, 96% of the Hindus have a college degree as compared to 36% of the Christians, 76% of the Jews , 54% of the Muslims and 53% of Buddhists.
  2. Such religious based studies may sound communal to someone, but this can also promote a sense of healthy competition among the various religious groups towards studies, thus progressing each one of them.

Patanjali Ayurved has been fined of 11 lakhs for misleading advesrtisements.

  1. Samples of honey, mustard oil etc were sent to the lab and it was found that they were not made by Patanjali but by some another manufacturers but were being branded by it as it own.
  2. The FMCG market has growing fast with cut throat competition and such news is bound to affect the sales and brand value of Patanjali who is facing competition from multiple domestic and international brands

Inflation numbers show easing trends

inflation in india

  1. CPI based inflation is at 3.6% for November where as WPI based inflation stands at 3.15%.
  2. Both the numbers are lowest since June 2016 and shows that the inflation is moderating.
  3. CPI is consumer price index, where as WPI is wholesale price index.
  4. CPI base inflation measures inflation at the retail market level where as WPI measures it at the wholesale market levels.
  5. RBI has started using CPI for policy rates determination from earlier WPI.
  6. The lowering of crude oil in the international markets have eased the inflation pressure in India from the last one year.

Pepsi Co CEO Indra Nooyi joins Trump

trump and nooyi

  1. Pepsi Co CEO has joined Trump’s Strategic and policy forum to assist him in implementing his economic agenda.
  2. Indian diaspora has been very influential across the world.
  3. Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Google’s Sunder Pichai and many more have been contributing to shape government policies in their respective countries in which Indian interests are expected to be addressed



  1. Karnataka Minister resigns after TV shows him in compromising position with a woman.
  2. Supreme court says that Delhi government should have more power. As of now the government has the responsibility but not the adequate power.
  3. J&K chief Mehbooba Mufti has asked to treat the kin of militant properly. The militants are different from their families and they should not suffer due to acts of terrorists.
  4. Rahul Gandhi has accused PM Modi of ‘personal corruption’. ROFL!