First wicket down on Supreme court’s National anthem order

standing before national anthem

  1.  First case after the court’s order has been booked in Chennai for showing disrespect to national anthem  under the provisions of Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act, 1971.
  2. It is dutiful to sing the anthem but the coercive methods for the same would clog the judiciary with numerous such cases and the Indian judiciary is already clogged with crores of cases and undertrials are languishing in the jails.
  3. Moreover police would now have more avenues for harassment of people and people’s misplaced sense of patriotism would lead to vigilantism, as some of them would feel patriotic to bash other if he/she fails to stand when the anthem is played.
  4. The remedy seems to be worse than the malaise!

Remember Circus? No, not the Parliament! The better one


  1. 21 circuses are to lose recognition for cruelty to animals.
  2. The central zoo authority (CZA) has found animals in the circuses with broken bones, infectious diseases, physical and mental disorders,  hungry and thirsty for days, threatened with fire, beating etc. and all this is meted out to animals to keep them in control and trained so that they can entertain people.

Government has reduced import duty on wheat to 0% from existing 10%


  1. The government view is that the reduced duty would ensure enough supplies of wheat in the country.
  2. In January- February 2017, during the harvesting season of the wheat crop, the domestic supplies are not expected to meet the demand because of the two reasons. One is the demonetization which has affected the sowing and the other is the climate change which affects the productivity.
  3. So if the wheat prices increase due to weak supply and high demand, the inflation would increase which would cost the government high in the upcoming elections.
  4. On the other hand, the farmer unions are opposing the move. As per them, the import would increase the competition and force the farmers to resort to distress sale of the food grains.

US-Russia Bonhomie


  1. Trump is set to pick Exxon Mobil Corp Chief Rex Tillerson as the new Secretary of the state.
  2. Tillerson has very warm relations with Russia and Putin has also awarded Tillerson the highest civilian award of Russia called Russia’s Order of friendship.
  3. Appointing Tillerson as the top diplomat by President elect Trump is clear indicator of the warmth in the Trump-Putin relations.
  4. China may need to worry on this but look which side i.e. towards which country ?
  5. Post your comments with the answer of the above question.