1. Murder rate found to be declining in India.
  2. Recent data has shown that the murder rate has declined from 4.6 per lakh in 1992, the peak year of violence (in terms of murder rate) to 2.6 in 2015.
  3. Patna turns out to be the topper  having a murder rate of 11.3 per lakh , almost 4 times that of the national average in 2015.
  4. Then comes Meerut, Ludhiana, Faridabad and Agra.
  5. Kolkata, Kochi and Mumbai happen to be the safest, all having a rate of less than 1 murder per lakh population.

NEW TRADE ROUTEkaladan multimodal

  1. Kolkata Mizoram trade route is to open through Myanmar
  2. The route is being developed under Kaladan Multi Modal transport project.
  3. The name is because of the Kaladan river on whose mouth, the Sittwe port is located and India would reach to Sittwe from Kolkata through the sea route.
  4. Then from sittwe, from river and road route, Indian consignments would reach Mizoram
  5. This new route would cut down the distance and the dependence on highways in the interiors of the north east which is often blocked due to various protests like that of Nagas.



  1. 470 people have so far died of shock due to the sudden demise of Jayalalitha.
  2. So deeply entrenched is the personality cult and hero worship in India, specially in southern states that people live and die for the leader.
  3. Now AIADMK leaders have lent the support for close aide of Jayalalitha, Sasikala Natarajan for the post of party General secretary.
  4. In Tamilnadu politics, earlier it was MGR, then Amma(Jaya) and now Chinnamma(Sasikala)!