reports and indices

The table not just contains the reports and their organizations but also the scientific and objective logic behind them to memorize them.

world report

   S.No                Report title  Organisation and Logic/techniques to memorize
1.Asian Development OutlookADB (Asian Development bank) (Similar names)
2.Global Financial System ReportBIS (Bank for International Settlements) (Banks is part of a financial system)
3.Global Money Laundering ReportFATF (Financial Action Task Force) (for actions against financial crimes like money laundering)
4.India State of Forest ReportForest Survey of India (similar names)
5.Change the World List DataFortune (changes due to one’s fortune!)
6.Technical Cooperation ReportIAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)(atomic energy needs technology cooperation among the world)
7.Nuclear Technology ReviewIAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)(-do-)
8.Ease of Doing BusinessIBRD (World Bank)(for development growth of business is important and for business, ease of business is important)
9.World Development ReportIBRD (World Bank)(development of world is the work of IBRD, so is it’s measurement)
10.Safety ReportsICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)(flight safety)
11.Global Hunger Index reportIFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute)(less food, more hunger)
12.World Social Protection ReportILO (International Labour Organization)(protection of workers)
13.World Employment and Social OutlookILO (International Labour Organization)(employment of people as workers)
14.World of Work ReportILO (International Labour Organization)(work=labour)
15.Global Wage ReportILO (International Labour Organization)(wage of laborers)
16.Global Financial Stability Report IMF (International Monetary Fund)(duty of IMF is to ensure stability, else countries seek help from it, like greece)
17.World Economic OutlookIMF (International Monetary Fund)(outlook help to find and predict stability)
18.Global Innovation IndexCornell University INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)(similar names)
19.World Energy Outlook (WEO) International Energy Agency (similar names)
20.Southeast Asia Energy OutlookInternational Energy Agency (similar names)
21.OPEC Monthly Oil Market ReportOPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries ) (similar names)
22.World Oil OutlookOPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries ) (OPEC = oil)
23.World Happiness ReportSustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)(sustainable development leads to happiness)
24.Global Corruption Report (GCR)Transparency International (less transparency, more corruption)
25.Levels and Trends in Child Mortality ReportUN Inter-agency Group (child mortality is due to lack of coordination between various UN agencies)
26.World Investment ReportUNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) (trade needs investment)
27.Actions on Air QualityUNEP (United Nations Environment Programme )(pure air = better environment)
28.Global Environment OutlookUNEP (United Nations Environment Programme )


29.The Rise of Environmental CrimeUNEP & INTERPOL (international police is to curb crime)
30.Global education monitoring ReportUNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) (education word is common)
31.State of world populationUNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) (population word is common)
32. World Cities ReportUN-Habitat (habitat is a place to live, so is a city)
33.The Global ReportUNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ) (refugee problem has emerged as a global problem so global report is needed)
34.Report on Regular ResourcesUNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund ) (children need regular food and nutrition)
35.The State of the World’s Children reportsUNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund ) (-do-)
36.Reports on Counterfeiting and Organized CrimeUNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute) (organized crime operates across many regions)
37.Industrial Development ReportUNIDO(United Nations Industrial Development Organization) (similar names)
38.Global Assessment ReportUNISDR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction) (assessment of disasters for mitigations and reduction)
39.Global Report on Trafficking in PersonsUNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)(trafficking is a crime)
40.World Drug ReportUNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)(illegal drug trade is also a crime)
41.World Wildlife Crime ReportUNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)(illegal wildlife trade is also a crime)
42.Global Information Technology ReportWEF (World Economic Forum)(IT reduces cost and boosts economy)
43.Travel and Tourism Competitiveness ReportWEF (World Economic Forum)(tourism is a economy booster)
44.Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) WEF (World Economic Forum)(competition is required in economy)
45.World Intellectual Property Report (WIPR)WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)(similar names)
46.The Energy Report & Living Planet ReportWWF (World Wildlife Fund) (Make yourself!)