higher education


  1. The Higher education must stand tall on the parameters of Access, Equity and Quality. India lacks on all of them.
  2. Most of the higher educational institutes are privately funded with huge fees being charged. Moreover capitation fees issues keep seats reserved for the ones who have the money and not who have the mettle.
  3. Lack of required infrastructure like labs, broadband connectivity, R&D centers etc.
  4. Vacant faculty positions to a range of 30-40%.
  5. The meritorious don’t put themselves back in the research in the country rather there is a brain drain.
  6. Girl higher education is not pushed to the desired levels.

Solutions proposed

  1. On the lines to increase access, more IITs, IIMs and AIIMs and other reputed institutions are being opened up in the tier 2 cities.
  2. Though capitation fees in banned but to check the practice, a strict vigil is put in place.
  3. To increase the infrastructure, Higher Education Financing Agency(HEFA) has been set up with an initial capital of Rs. 1000 cr.
  4. Open online courses such as MOOC being promoted.
  5. National Knowledge Network (NKN) has been setup to connect 1500 higher educational institutions for a coordinated research.
  6. Allow FDI in higher education.
  7. Budgetary allocation should be increased.
  8. Industry-Academia collaboration.
  9. Teacher quality to be ensured.