shiva ji

Politics of Delhi

  1. Najeeb Jung resigns as Lt. Governor of Delhi.
  2. States have Governors where as Union Territories like Delhi, Andaman Nicobar Islands have Lieutenant Governors (LG).
  3. CM Arvind Kejriwal and LG Najeeb Jung have had serious differences over Delhi Administration as both of them tried to assert each other in the administrative decision making.
  4. LG is appointed and acts on the directions  of the President and not directly responsible to the people where as Delhi CM is elected by and is accountable to people.
  5. The president is supposed to act on the aid and advice of council of ministers, therefore, AAP accused Jung to be acting on behalf of the BJP against it in fulfilling the mandate given to the CM by the people of Delhi.

Populism in Maharastra at the cost of farmers, fisherman and the environment

  1. Maharastra government is planning a huge Shivaji Memorial in the Arabian Sea.
  2. The project will be built at a cost of Rs 3,600 crore in the time when the government of Maharastra is already cash strapped and debt ridden.
  3. More ironical is the fact that government will provide funds for the project from its budget as well as seek financial assistance from the Centre when the states have one of the highest farmers’ suicides due to distress in the agriculture.
  4. More than economic burden, the issues of concerns include the loss of livelihood to the fisherman community die to loss of fishes as a result of construction.
  5. Further there would be irreversible losses to the environment and the marine ecosystem due to such unnecessary projects which don’t serve any special purpose rater ignite a sense of belongingness to a particular community and perpetuate regionalism.
  6. Even Shivaji would be wishing that the money should be spent on the welfare of the people in the state rather spending on the political masterstrokes.

North East Woes

  1. Manipur is facing a continuous blockade due to the protests by United Naga council (UNC) after the state government has created seven new districts.
  2. NE of India needs serious attention as due to these activities by a section of people, the whole state gets paralyzed and large number of people are adversely affected.

United States of India (Against Modi!)

  1. Trinamool Congress(TMC) would launch a week long campaign, with the slogan ‘Modi Hatao, Desh Bachao’, on January 1, the party’s foundation day.
  2. Earlier as well, Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal had tried to hold bandhs and conduct rallies in Delhi but did not find much support from the people.

Nepali Cheeni Dosti

  1. Nepal and China would conduct joint military exercise named Pratikar 1 which aims at training Nepali forces in dealing with hostage scenarios involving international terror groups.
  2. This move is ofcourse not welcomed by India but rather than reacting on this development, India must act in a way which is understood by both China and Nepal.
  3. India should engage more with Vietnam, Japan and Mongolia in Chinese neighborhood and at the same time renegotiate the various terms of trade and subsidies with Nepal.
  4. Nepal has India as the largest trading partner and a major source of economic aid and support.