Not all bad, Pakistan helps bind Indians

Pakistan does have international benefits too. It does not only bind Indians, but also many like minded countries to Indian values and together these countries form a strong bloc at the world forum.

Hanuman Jayanti : Lord Hanuman and the Government

The over population is the Shani and the demographic disaster is it’s malefic effect. Governments have to take corrective steps to reap benefits of populations explosion which has already occurred and ensure that it’s impacts are reduced. If the people are educated, employed and empowered, this explosion would help India reap demographic dividend but if this population is untamed, uneducated and unemployed, then unrest, crimes and chaos would prevail.

UP government waives farmer loans : Bad Economics after Good Politics

As per data, the total outstanding credit by all commercial banks in 2016 towards the agriculture sector is Rs 86,240 crore in Uttar Pradesh. Their demand is to waive the total agriculture loan without any condition. Thus their demand is that this total 86,240 crores should have been waived and the UP CM has cheated the farmers by a partial waiver!

RBI bimonthly monetary policy review : what’s in store?

The forecasts for monsoon are not encouraging with a lesser than normal rains being expected, inflationary tendencies are also to be worry about. The worry is compounded by rise in crude oil prices, volatility in exchange rate, and the effect of the 7th Pay Panel.

Finance bill 2017 and the controversies with it

The move may be a legislative necessity but is detrimental to parliamentary democracy. The back door entry techniques push the upper house, the house of elders to a back seat undermines it’s existence and and the purpose of constitution makers is defeated.

Constitution or Politics : Governor’s dilemma in Goa

Not just here, the politicization of governor’s post has been observed in the case of Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand etc. where article 356 was imposed which was later struck down by the supreme court being imposed in a unconstitutional way. BJP had to therefore give up it’s claims on Uttarakhand.

UP elections 2017 : Major takeaways

BJP would have stronger position at the upper house (Rajya sabha), hence the pending bills would be passed swiftly. Action against Black money would become stronger.